Why Is My COVID-19 Test Inconclusive? What Should I Do Next?

Why is my COVID test inconclusive if I’m showing all the symptoms of infection? Testing for COVID is essential when you have been exposed to the virus, have flu-like symptoms, or are getting ready to travel. So, it can be confusing and frustrating to receive an inconclusive test result without a viable explanation.

Don’t worry; there are a few concrete reasons for inconclusive COVID tests. A2Z Diagnostics provides comprehensive Covid testing in Eatontown, NJ, with both PCR tests and molecular tests ensuring the best possible care. Below, we explain why coronavirus tests might be inconclusive and how to proceed.

How COVID-19 Tests Work

COVID-19 tests tend to use nasal swabs to collect mucus, but some collect saliva from the mouth or throat instead. If there are enough antigens from the virus, a test can detect them within minutes. But unreliable samples are prone to false positives.

That’s why many doctors recommend additional testing using a PCR test as the gold standard for accuracy. The PCR tests take longer to process but will provide the correct results.

Types of COVID-19 Test Results


SARS-CoV-2 matter or antigens were found in your sample.


Neither matter nor antigens appeared in your sample.


The lab responsible for processing your test cannot come to a solid conclusion. This occurs for several reasons, including when the sample is too small, or you’re close to recovering from the virus.

What To Do After An Inconclusive Test Result

Should you get another COVID test after an inconclusive result? Yes! And even if you are no longer symptomatic, be sure to keep following the recommended self-isolation and quarantine rules until you can be sure that you are COVID-negative.

You should treat an inconclusive result as a presumptive positive result. After that, if you feel unsure as to what to do or have any further questions, speak to a qualified medical professional near you.

Reliable COVID Testing in Eatontown, NJ

If you need a high-quality, reliable COVID test, be sure to contact A2Z Diagnostics in Eatontown, NJ. We provide reliable COVID-19 tests to help keep the community healthy. With our cutting-edge rt PCR testing procedure, the results of your test will be far more reliable.

Why is my COVID test inconclusive after the second test? Don’t panic; call A2Z Diagnostics at (732)-542-3200 today to learn more about the procedures involved and how to ensure a more accurate test result.