Why Are Some People Asymptomatic to COVID?

As cases of the COVID-19 infection rose in 2020, so did the number of asymptomatic individuals. These people carried the infection and could even transfer it to others without showing the normal symptoms of the virus. Many people began to ask, “Why are some people asymptomatic to COVID?”

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Common Traits Among Asymptomatic COVID Carriers

Some of the most commonly shared characteristics among asymptomatic people include the following:


The lower a person’s age, the more likely they will present asymptomatic even while showing positive on their COVID test. Duke University performed a study that showed children between the ages of six and thirteen show the fewest amount of symptoms, while people older than age 20 show more symptoms.


Certain genes, such as ACE2 protein variations, can increase symptom and disease severity. Other genetic features, such as gender and blood type, can determine how badly a person suffers when sick from the coronavirus. For example, a study to learn what gender suffered worse from COVID-19 symptoms found that women presented more often without symptoms.

Cross Immunity

Cross immunity refers to the idea that having been exposed to one virus, a person may not fall victim to other viruses due to their body’s immune response. Certain vaccinations lower the viral loads of seemingly-unrelated diseases and can boost immunity to other similar illnesses.


Another answer to “Why are some people asymptomatic to COVID?” points to environmental factors. The theory indicates that patients surrounded by more bacteria and microbes can produce immune system responses that help them avoid coronavirus symptoms.


While the COVID-19 vaccine greatly reduces the chance of contracting the coronavirus, patients who do become ill show fewer symptoms than those without the shot. Other viral vaccinations, such as measles and influenza, show the same results, meaning those who still get ill present as asymptomatic.

Expert Viral Testing Can Detect COVID Even in Asymptomatic Carriers

When patients get diagnosed with coronavirus, they may express surprise if they haven’t suffered any symptoms. If you’re wondering, “Why are some people asymptomatic to COVID?” you may also want a second opinion on your diagnosis. Learn whether you’re actually infected or have received false positive rapid COVID test with professional viral testing.

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