What Causes a False Positive Rapid COVID Test?

False-positive results and the discussion surrounding them lead people to wonder, “What causes a false positive rapid COVID test?” Read on to understand more about the subject. Reach out to us to learn more about our reliable COVID testing laboratory in Eatontown, NJ.

Rapid antigen tests provide quick results and convenience to know your COVID status. However, they will sometimes will give false positive results.

1. A Lower Amount of the Virus

Having a lower viral load means you might have less of the virus in your system. You could have swabbed less than you were supposed to, or may be at the beginning or end stages of infection. You can expect a lower viral load when the virus has just infected you or if it is leaving your body.

2. Type of Test and Cross-Contamination

What causes a false positive rapid COVID test? You may be surprised to hear that the type of test you take can play a role. While these tests are often very effective and accurate, antigen and PCR tests can sometimes result in false positives.

Additionally, some labs experience cross-contamination. As a result, your test may show a positive result when you are negative.

Effects of False-Positive Results

The CDC offers guidance on what to do when people receive positive results from their rapid tests. It is always best to test more than once, especially if you have any uncertainty or confusion.

However, believing you are positive when you are not can be harmful and cause you to take unnecessary or incorrect steps. For example, if someone in your household is positive and you are false positive, you may decide to isolate yourselves from the rest of the house. By doing so, the positive person may infect the false-positive person, causing the latter’s “infection period” to go on longer than expected.

A false-positive person may also take medication that is more harmful than beneficial.

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