How Often Should You Be Tested for COVID-19

How Often Should You Be Tested for COVID-19?

As people across the country settle into the new normal of living with COVID-19, many still have questions regarding best practices for safety and wellness. Common questions focus on what symptoms to expect, the differences between manageable and severe disease, and how often each of us should be tested for COVID-19. 

So, how often should you be tested for COVID-19? At A2Z Diagnostics, we know that continually navigating these issues can feel stressful. We’re Eatontown’s COVID testing center, and we strive to help people from all walks of life stay prepared through knowledge and access to testing resources. 

Testing too frequently for COVID may prove stressful and waste resources. In this blog, we talk about how often you should be tested for COVID-19 and which situations may warrant testing. Keep browsing our blog to find more answers to your COVID-19 questions or reach out to our staff today. 

Direct Contact With COVID-Positive Person

Any time you come into direct contact with a masked or unmasked COVID-positive person, our team recommends testing as soon as possible. 

COVID-19 can spread rapidly and silently, with many not showing symptoms until 5-7 days after exposure. If you find yourself in direct contact with a COVID positive individual, limit your contact with others to slow any potential spread. 

Direct Contact With a Person Displaying COVID-19 Symptoms

Take a COVID-19 test if you come into direct contact with any person displaying COVID-19 symptoms, regardless of whether they have tested positive. 

Sometimes, sick people may not test, assuming they have a cold or the flu. With no known diagnosis, these people could be unknowingly spreading COVID-19. Test as soon as possible after being in close contact with anyone displaying cold or flu-like symptoms. 

Before and After Traveling

If you plan to travel long distances, test before and after travel to limit the likelihood of spreading COVID-19. Limit personal or direct contact with loved ones, friends, and coworkers after traveling, especially when traveling abroad. 

Workers in Customer Service Sectors

Many of those concerned about how often they should be tested for COVID-19 work in customer service. The same situations listed above apply. Maintain safety practices and test after any close contact with persons displaying symptoms. 

Learn More About COVID-19 Testing 

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