Is the Original COVID Still Around?

COVID rapidly mutates, spreading from patient to patient with alarming speed. A new COVID variant here, another there: Is the original COVID still around? Did new variants displace the “original” version of this terrible virus? A2Z Diagnostics operates a COVID testing facility in Eatontown, NJ. We’re here to answer the question, “Is the original COVID still […]

What Are the Differences Between the Flu and COVID?

Few pandemics have captured the world’s attention and concern like COVID-19. COVID-19 spread quickly, stopping everyday life in its tracks. This disease attacks the respiratory system and other parts of the body, leading to potentially immense pain and other complications. Many concerned patients experiencing troubling health symptoms aren’t sure whether they have COVID-19 or the […]

Can You Get COVID Straight After Recovering?

You’ve just had COVID, dealt with the symptoms, and finally recovered. All of a sudden, however, you begin feeling sick all over again. You’re probably wondering: Can you get COVID straight after recovering? Unfortunately, the short answer is yes. Having COVID once does not make you immune, meaning reinfection is entirely possible. We’ll go over […]

Can a Bloody Nose Cause a False Positive COVID Test?

When you’re worried that you have COVID and you choose to take a rapid antigen test, you want to be as sure as possible that the results are accurate. Unfortunately, false positives and negatives can occur and lead you to believe the wrong results. Understanding some common causes of these inaccurate tests can help you […]

Why Are Some People Asymptomatic to COVID?

As cases of the COVID-19 infection rose in 2020, so did the number of asymptomatic individuals. These people carried the infection and could even transfer it to others without showing the normal symptoms of the virus. Many people began to ask, “Why are some people asymptomatic to COVID?” Learn what makes a person asymptomatic from […]

COVID Terminology 101: A Complete Guide

With the coronavirus epidemic came an onslaught of medical terms that soon became household words, though not everyone used them correctly. With this guide, you’ll learn the definitions of the most common COVID terminology used in the top Eatontown’s COVID testing facility. Common COVID-Related Terminology Some of the most common terms used during coronavirus discussions include […]

Common Pathology Tests: What They Are and What They Detect

Pathology tests are essential diagnostic tools that can help identify diseases and determine the best course of treatment for patients. These tests involve the examination of tissues, organs, and bodily fluids to detect the presence of abnormalities or changes that may indicate a disease or condition. At A2Z Diagnostics, we offer a wide range of […]

Are COVID Test Results Confidential?

So your job asked you to get a COVID-19 test. You went and got your results back, but you wonder, “Are COVID test results confidential?” If this sounds like you or you have questions about the rules governing the confidentiality of COVID-19 testing, you’re in the right place. A2Z Diagnostics is the best facility offering COVID […]

Understanding the Basics of Pathology

Pathology is a branch of medical science that involves the study of diseases and their causes, as well as the changes that occur in cells, tissues, and organs. The goal of pathology is to identify the cause of a disease, determine the extent of the damage, and provide accurate diagnoses that can guide treatment and […]

Why Is My COVID-19 Test Inconclusive? What Should I Do Next?

Why is my COVID test inconclusive if I’m showing all the symptoms of infection? Testing for COVID is essential when you have been exposed to the virus, have flu-like symptoms, or are getting ready to travel. So, it can be confusing and frustrating to receive an inconclusive test result without a viable explanation. Don’t worry; […]

How Does a Rapid Antigen Test Work: A Brief Guide

Are you intrigued by the potential of rapid antigen tests but unsure how to obtain them and what information they provide? The Eatontown COVID testing specialists at A2Z Diagnostics are pleased to be able to answer questions like “How does a rapid antigen test work?” Citizens, first responders, and public health officials need accurate information […]

Can You Test Positive for COVID After Your Vaccine?

The question of the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine is politically charged and a source of deep concern for many Americans. A2Z Diagnostics, a provider of high-quality COVID testing services in Eatontown, NJ, cuts through the misinformation and hyperbole by offering reliable information about how to protect yourself against COVID. We address the crucial question, […]

Are At-Home COVID Tests Accurate?

If you’re like many people navigating today’s health climate, you may have questions. Many people feel uncertain about issues like when to take a COVID-19 test, where to get tested, and the reliability of at-home tests.  If you wonder, “Are at-home COVID tests accurate?” we can help. At A2Z Diagnostics, we empower people with access […]

How Long Do COVID Test Kits Last? Do They Expire?

COVID-19 testing at home is an easy way to discover whether you have COVID, even if you feel fine and aren’t experiencing any symptoms. However, you may be wondering: How long do COVID test kits last? Some of the reasons you may decide to take an at-home test include the following: If you are sick […]

How Often Should You Be Tested for COVID-19?

As people across the country settle into the new normal of living with COVID-19, many still have questions regarding best practices for safety and wellness. Common questions focus on what symptoms to expect, the differences between manageable and severe disease, and how often each of us should be tested for COVID-19.  So, how often should […]

What Not to Do Before a COVID Test: Four Reminders

If you or someone you know exhibits COVID-19 symptoms, it’s vital to schedule a test. It’s also crucial to do things the smart way to ensure you don’t infect anyone and receive accurate test results. Today, we’ll discuss what not to do before a COVID test to keep you and those around you as safe […]

How Soon Can You Test Positive for COVID-19?

Besides wearing a well-fitting mask anytime you’re out in public, taking a COVID-19 test can help stop the virus from spreading. Many ask, “How soon can you test positive for COVID?”  While people know to isolate if they test positive, knowing how soon you should test can be trickier. We’ll explore how various factors impact […]

RT PCR Testing Procedure: What to Expect

When you’re experiencing flu-like symptoms, you may have COVID-19. If you’re going to be around other people in the foreseeable future, it’s a good idea to get tested.  Different COVID-19 tests exist, and they may not always be accurate. For example, 15-minute rapid tests are especially prone to false-negative results.  It’s better to explore RT-PCR […]

What to Do If You Test Positive for COVID: Best Practices

COVID has become a subject of stress for many people over the last few years. You may also wonder what to do if you test positive for COVID. Reliable COVID testing in Eatontown, NJ, from A2Z Diagnostics can let you know if you have COVID. Once you have that answer, you can follow these best […]

COVID-19 Testing Option: What’s an Antigen Test?

Increases in vaccination status and rigorous quarantining have helped slow the spread of COVID-19. However, the virus and its different variants continue to spread. As such, you or someone you know may need COVID-19 testing.  Two main types of tests exist—PCR and antigen. Many ask, “What’s an antigen test, and how does it differ from […]

What Does a Positive COVID Test Look Like?

Are you feeling sick or experiencing what you think are symptoms of COVID-19 infection. If so, you’re probably wondering, “What does a positive COVID test look like?” Many people are confused about antigen tests, positives, negatives, and COVID-19 testing in general. However, we’re here to answer your questions! COVID-19 Testing Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the […]

What Causes a False Positive Rapid COVID Test?

False-positive results and the discussion surrounding them lead people to wonder, “What causes a false positive rapid COVID test?” Read on to understand more about the subject. Reach out to us to learn more about our reliable COVID testing laboratory in Eatontown, NJ. Rapid antigen tests provide quick results and convenience to know your COVID status. […]