Are COVID Test Results Confidential?

So your job asked you to get a COVID-19 test. You went and got your results back, but you wonder, “Are COVID test results confidential?”

If this sounds like you or you have questions about the rules governing the confidentiality of COVID-19 testing, you’re in the right place. A2Z Diagnostics is the best facility offering COVID testing in Eatontown, NJ, and we’ve got all the info you need to understand what can and can’t happen with your COVID-19 test results.

Who Can See My Test Results?

Since COVID-19 is so widespread, public health officials have the authority to view your test results for the purpose of curbing COVID-19 infections.

Typically, they have access to limited information, like your name, age, date of birth, sex, recent travel history, and pregnancy status.

What Can Public Health Officials Say About My Results?

Are COVID test results confidential, even for public officials?

Public health officials can call people you came in contact with while you were contagious to inform them of their exposure to COVID-19. However, this is as much information as public health officials can share. Unless there is an approved reason to give your name along with the results of your medical examinations, public health officials will not share your name with others.

Can My Employer Demand to See My Test Results?

Currently, employers do not have the right to view their employees’ COVID-19 testing results. However, without using your name, public health officials can inform your employer and fellow employees of their exposure.

Employers mandating testing of employees can only do so if employees are symptomatic. Otherwise, employers can only measure employees’ temperatures, ask employees if they are experiencing symptoms, and send employees home if they exhibit symptoms of COVID-19.

In most cases, testing facilities cannot send your test results directly to your employer. Your medical files are yours to reveal or not, and thanks to HIPAA, no one can force you to show them your results unless they have the express right to do so.

The Bottom Line

Are COVID test results confidential? Yes and no.

Your results are not confidential, but your name remains confidential unless a public health official can prove that sharing it is necessary. For example, if you have an inconclusive COVID-19 test, officials would not be able to share it with your employer even if your employer asks for it because it would not help stop the spread of COVID-19.

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