Are At-Home COVID Tests Accurate

Are At-Home COVID Tests Accurate?

If you’re like many people navigating today’s health climate, you may have questions. Many people feel uncertain about issues like when to take a COVID-19 test, where to get tested, and the reliability of at-home tests. 

If you wonder, “Are at-home COVID tests accurate?” we can help. At A2Z Diagnostics, we empower people with access to knowledge and resources. We’re the leading COVID testing facility in Eatontown, and in this blog, we talk about the accuracy of rapid antigen and PCR at-home tests. 

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Types of At-Home COVID Tests Available

Generally, experts perform PCR tests in labs. These tests can take 2-3 days and provide more sensitive testing than at-home COVID tests. Most at-home COVID test kits are known as rapid antigen tests. 

Rapid Antigen Tests

Manufacturers design rapid antigen tests to detect antigens—protein fragments—specific to COVID-19. 

Drug stores, pharmacies, and medical supply stores offer many versions of these tests over the counter. This availability allows people to test for COVID without putting medical personnel or patients in medical offices at risk. 

Some rapid antigen tests provide more sensitivity to COVID antigens than others. For this reason, the accuracy of at-home rapid antigen tests may vary,

How At-Home COVID Tests Work

Sometimes, the accuracy of at-home COVID tests becomes impacted by user error. The person taking the test may not swab, time, or read their test correctly, leading to a false positive or negative result. 

All at-home COVID tests begin with taking a sample. The person taking the test uses an included nasal swab to gently swab each nostril for a specified time. 


After swabbing, the test taker mixes the nasal swab with a special solution. They then apply this solution to a test strip and wait the allotted time. 

Follow any instructions included in your at-home COVID tests to the letter to avoid a false negative or positive. 

Accuracy of At-Home COVID Tests

As mentioned above, the accuracy of antigen tests may vary. However, accuracy rates remain high enough to justify the use of at-home tests

Rapid Antigen Test Accuracy 

Data suggests rapid antigen at-home COVID tests detect COVID with an average accuracy of around 80%. 

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